Saturday, 22 April 2017

Chan Davies Art Prize Exhibition - Jordi Fornies and Shirly Koh

This double bill feature was for the two winners of the Chan Davies Art Prize 2016. Jordi Fornies for the MFA and Shirly Koh for BFA.

It is held from 5th April to 30th April 2017 over at Chan+Hori Contemporary over at Gillman Barracks.

Jordi's show was called Sonance: Sound as Body, Sound as Architecture.

Shirly's show was called Lighter than Sunshowers.

Must say I am quite impressed with Jordi's works. He presented quite a few impressive bronze sculptures and paintings with resin sculptures attached to it.

Shirly Koh's drawings with watercolour were quite weak. Think conceptually it must have been interesting, but the visual aspect is very lacking. The paint was also applied very thinly and faint, think she wanted to achieve that effect. But if one were to hang it and not hide it from the world, I really think it will fade away after years.....

Jordi's work

Shirly's work

Point for collectors: Jordi is a buy. Well rounded artist. But not sure of his 'branding' because this is the first time I have come across him, although he is based in Sg for a few years already. Shirly Koh is a UOB POY awardee for 2016, but really who bothers about the UOB award anymore. So I would give her a wait-and-see rating. Saw a red dot for each artist. So someone agrees with me and another not.

Distance - Various artists

This exhibition is held from 15th April 2017 to 27th May 2017 at Ota Fine Arts at Gillman Barracks.

It's a group show featuring 4 artists. The Singaporean Artist invited to show is Geraldine Kang.

She showed photographs of Sungei Serangoon being developed into a residential area.

Didn't quite show her skill in this series. Not really fresh or eye catching. But I believe that this series is slightly older, 2014?

Have to keep on watching her.

Points for collectors: Continue to watch.

Affordable Art Fair April 2017


Slacking as usual. But time for an update.

AAF was on from 7th to 9th April 2017 at the Pit Building. A very small fair this time, not many galleries. I think only 3 paddocks on 1 floor.

Pizza Queen was happy with the variety of the works on show at the various booths.

Was ok I guess. Standard was ok but could be better since the price ceiling of works is now $15k. Not many local artists on show as compared to other years.

Still worth to go and look see. Not too crowded if you compare it to previous years (don't count the preview night).

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Art Central Hong Kong 2017

Art Central took place in Hong Kong 21-25 March 2017, at Central Harborfront (next to the observation wheel).

Loads to see, especially from Japanese, Korean and Chinese artists. A handful of pieces have been shown in Singapore before. A smattering of Singapore galleries were there too.

Don't want to cause lags in the loading of this page, so I'm showing only a few pieces that caught my eye. I didn't get the names of all the pieces and the artists though - the crowds made it difficult to photograph the details.

Worth going? Yes. If you go to Hong Kong during this time, go for all the art fairs if you can, so you can see the diversity of what's going on. You won't be able to help comparing this with Art Basel, but they're two different experiences I say. Hong Kong weather is cool in March  - low to mid twenties (celcius), so you only need a long-sleeved top in the day time, with a sweater or cardigan for the evenings when you go outdoors (which won't be for very long).

at a closer look, this piece is made of dollar notes

Some Library by Yoo Geun-taek

Echoes - Infinity by Shinji Ohmaki

Snowman by Joakim Allgulander

Homberbob Orange

At Richard Koh Fine Art

Pianist by Xi Ziang

look closer - the "heads" of the "matchsticks" are faces

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

Art Basel HK took place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 21-25 March.

Big range of galleries and artists from all over, a lot of buzz right up to the last day, and public enthusiasm on the public days will keep your adrenaline going. 

The fair stretched across two floors, so set aside at least two days if you really want to explore and fully savour the pieces that catch your attention. Have a big breakfast and lunch before you start, because once you're in the fair, you will feel reluctant to leave when it's dinner time.

I took so many pictures but will have to be selective here otherwise the page will take forever to load. 

A must-visit.


Close up of the piece above. I was strangely attracted to these OCD pieces. 

One of Jane Lee's pieces at Sundaram Tagore

Genevieve Chua's piece

Jane Lee's piece at STPI

Tan Wyn-Lyn at Fost Gallery

Think this is my favourite. (Artist: Sanya Kantarovsky)