Monday, 12 June 2017

VADA Untapped Emerging

This is the next installment under the Untapped programme by the Visual Arts Development Association (VADA). This group exhibition by young emerging artists is on from 10 June to 2 July 2017 at Chan Hori's Shophouse5 at Geylang.

The artists:
1. Kayleigh Goh - three works using cement (very thin layer) and acrylic depicting corners of a room/house. Thoughtful pieces. She has improved from the Emergence exhibition and is progressing nicely.

2. Justin Lim - one charcoal/graphite piece and two photographs of driftwood. Nice to look at, but perhaps some room for improvement, in technical terms. Saw his previous works under the AAF Young Talent Programme, and he needs to work harder to excel in drawing - off the top of my head, there are quite a few other artists who are better in this field.

3. Ben Loong - four pieces using drywall plaster with resin. You've got to see them in person rather than in photos, otherwise you'll miss out on the texture and the rather arresting quality of the works. It's easy to lose track of time examining the works from different angles.

4. Quinn Lum - photos of cross sections of trees. Not sure I like the style though - grainy, out of focus and desaturated pictures, his intention? Could do with more work on visual dynamics, focal points, composition, colours (think of Rudolf Arnheim's visual perception) to turn them into something more impactful and emotionally triggering than neutral, decorative pieces. Art should make you happy, pissed off or trigger something else other than 'that's nice'.

5. Faris Nakamura - three wood pieces showing hidden corners and stairs, and a pillar with a 3D model floorplan of an apartment of sorts, wedged between two vertical pillars. Very interesting idea, and the pillar with the floorplan is quite a conversation piece.

6. Ong Si Hui - one piece made of 1800 transparency sheets (remember the OHP transparencies of the 80s? - yup, those!) stacked on top of each other; and another piece with sandpaper and stencilled words from mothballs. Creative and conceptually interesting. Wish she did more pieces for the exhibition.

Ben Loong

Ong Si Hui's "Patiently"

Ong Si Hui's "Fluorescent Grey"

Quinn Lum

Kayleigh Goh

Justin Lim

Ben Loong's "Fault"

Ong Si Hui - close up of "Patiently"

Points for collectors: strong potential for all artists. I can't wait to see how they develop and what else they come up with. I wouldn't say all of them have a buy rating, but all should be put on the Watch-Closely list.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Messes and Overcooked Soups - Chun Kai Qun

This exhibition is held from 6th May to 17th June 2017 over at Grey Projects in Tiong Bahru.

This place is always closed.... LOL. Anyway, they were opened and we managed to catch the show.

It showed very early works from his school days comprising of drawings/paintings and prints and also his sketchbooks.

Most haven't been shown before except for 4 of the works which he showed long ago at Your Mother Gallery.

The works were done in his early days when he was interested in Printmaking. Really nice works.

The main thing is that most of the works are about 10 years and they still look great. And the works are in great/mint condition too. He really knows his materials and the conservation of them, this is an important quality in a artist, as he has to be familiar with the materials he works with.

Points for collectors: Strong buy rating. Initially during Solid Prayers, we had a bit of apprehension and gave him a buy rating, but we can see that he is really interested in his work as an artist. He has the passion and intelligence. And he has what Pizza Queen's ordains as the most important attribute in a person: he is a nice chap.

SG: Locals Only! 2017

This exhibition was held at Taksu Gallery from 20th April 2017 to 7th May 2017 over at Holland V/ Chip Bee area.

This year the show featured 5 artists. Ching Wei Hong, Zhou Han Shun, Danielle Tay, Jing Hu and Sebastian Tay.

Danielle Tay did her papercuts. She showed much older works from her early days and some of the works were wood cut outs or mounted on wood.

Jing Hu did some paintings. She has improved from her earlier works that I have seen.

The two photographers were ok. Ching Wei Hong sold quite a few, nice decorative pieces.

Sebastian did a sculpture and some prints.

Points for Collectors: Danielle Tay is a buy. Think she has something with Chan+Hori later in the year. The rest not yet.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Chan Davies Art Prize Exhibition - Jordi Fornies and Shirly Koh

This double bill feature was for the two winners of the Chan Davies Art Prize 2016. Jordi Fornies for the MFA and Shirly Koh for BFA.

It is held from 5th April to 30th April 2017 over at Chan+Hori Contemporary over at Gillman Barracks.

Jordi's show was called Sonance: Sound as Body, Sound as Architecture.

Shirly's show was called Lighter than Sunshowers.

Must say I am quite impressed with Jordi's works. He presented quite a few impressive bronze sculptures and paintings with resin sculptures attached to it.

Shirly Koh's drawings with watercolour were quite weak. Think conceptually it must have been interesting, but the visual aspect is very lacking. The paint was also applied very thinly and faint, think she wanted to achieve that effect. But if one were to hang it and not hide it from the world, I really think it will fade away after years.....

Jordi's work

Shirly's work

Point for collectors: Jordi is a buy. Well rounded artist. But not sure of his 'branding' because this is the first time I have come across him, although he is based in Sg for a few years already. Shirly Koh is a UOB POY awardee for 2016, but really who bothers about the UOB award anymore. So I would give her a wait-and-see rating. Saw a red dot for each artist. So someone agrees with me and another not.

Distance - Various artists

This exhibition is held from 15th April 2017 to 27th May 2017 at Ota Fine Arts at Gillman Barracks.

It's a group show featuring 4 artists. The Singaporean Artist invited to show is Geraldine Kang.

She showed photographs of Sungei Serangoon being developed into a residential area.

Didn't quite show her skill in this series. Not really fresh or eye catching. But I believe that this series is slightly older, 2014?

Have to keep on watching her.

Points for collectors: Continue to watch.